I’ve never been much for words.  Sure, I can talk a lot, but I’ve never really been able to say what I’m thinking, or to be honest.  I let my songs and music do that for me.

You see, I’m not a writer, or musician, or singer, or drummer, or pianist, etc.  I’m a composer.  Musicians write all kinds of things based on what they’re thinking and feeling, but they use their words to say what they think.  A composer describes his emotions, and feelings through only music.  When you listen to a soundtrack of a film or movie, there’s never really words in the songs.  But you feel something when you listen to it.  That is what I am trying to create.  

I absolutely love playing music.  So much, that since I was a kid, I could never just stick with one instrument.  It had to be a minimum of three.  Piano, Drums, and Guitar, and later on even dabbled in Trumpet, Violin, and event the Accordion.  Later, I also worked on my skills for bass guitar, and electric guitar.  I wouldn’t call myself a master of everything.  I stick to what I’m good at, but in order to write what I want to create, I need to know how to play everything.  Hence, why every song I’ve written, I’ve recorded all the instruments myself.  I’m not trying to brag, or show off.  Its just that when I want to create a feeling, I can’t just get someone else to create it for me!

I started Endless Chorus to create a sound, and a dynamic that inspires emotion, and creates feelings.  I hope you enjoy what I’m trying to create, and if you understand what i’m saying, and you are feeling what I’m hoping to create by listening to the songs I compose, please tell me.

With love, and care,

Steven Leslie – Endless Chorus


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